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Born Chamikia Coleman Peterson June 3, 1985 in Detroit,Michigan. Chamikia Akindoju can best be described in these words "Lady Industrious ". Like most people her life has been many peaks and valleys but she has held to the belief that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind too. This attitude has led her to many successes such as receiving the Certificate of Acheivement in Beauty and Hair Design from the Gallery College Of Beauty, A Certification as a Extension Specialist , A Diploma of Cosmetology along with Honors in Cutting, Honors in Coloring, Honors in Texture ,the Paul Mitchell Deans-list Award, BBBE's Precision Cutting Certification , A Cosmetology Instructor diploma, A Certificate of Acheivement in the Cosmetology Instructor program with a Over all GPA above 90% just to name a few. Informally Chamika has more than 10 years of experience as a hairstylist, a salon owner, Hair Extension Academy owner and a Director of finance . Her work has been featured in major publications such as hair designer magazine, below zero magazine and W magazine in which her work was featured alongside the supermodel Kate Moss. She went on to win several major hair Styling competitions such as the Milky Way $15,000 grand prize styling competition, Outré $25,000 grand prize competition and receiving the Hair Artistry's innovation award for her creation of the hair weaving technique known as the invisible part.



Although Chamikia is proud of all these accomplishments she's most proud of her ability to embody the character trait of selflessness. When asked what makes her proud she say's  " Nothing satisfies me more than being able to help others". She is a constant giver who regularly esteems others above herself. Even upon asking what her vision was she quotes "that it is simply to "Make Every Effort Kind . Make Every Effort Kind is actually an acronym for her coined nickname Meek. Chamikia is currently the Artistic Director of Salon Meek Posh Studio which will soon be a Paul Mitchell focus salon. Her ambition is to become a Paul Mitchell national educator and eventually open a school. She understands that she is a great inspiration to many. She is a true testament to active faith and has defied the odds to overcome many barriers . In her words, before one can have a peek you must pass through a valley,before you can ever succeed you must first fail,but you have to believe that you can, in order to overcome. These fundamental truths have inspired her to write her first book soon to be released, titled Lady Industrious. In her book she shares her journey which includes many successes and how she overcame failures too. Her hope is to continue to inspire others to follow their dreams and to never give up on themselves.

"Meekness is strength under control its confidience with the ability to yeild.

To be meek is to make every effort kind"

- Chamikia Akindoju

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Chamikia Akindoju is a professional  Educator, hair stylist and makeup artist. She has often been described as hardworking, savvy and creative. She have risen to levels of excellence in every school and job that she has attended or pursued. She has accumalated countless awards and certificates to support this statement. Chamikia work's well under pressure and she regularly voice her views about challenges , she qoutes" I welcome challenges because they only further my growth. They always strech me to the next level , but this only works because I never quit. Quitters never win and winners never quit".